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Promote best practices in safety and health in the mining industry.

Foster a relationship for networking between industry and federal agencies.

Foster a sustainable health and safety culture in the mining industry.

Plan and execute yearly safety and health conference.

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Wyatt Andrews
MSHA – Western District

Gemma Anthony
MSHA – Western District

Tommy Ayala
Vulcan Materials

Dennis Barlow
ACG Oregon-Columbia Chapter

Alan Bufton
Ash Grove Cement Co.

Steve Chambliss
Rye Patch Gold Corporation

Ernie Durant


Nick Ferreira
Asarco Ray Complex

Ryan Guthrie
Joy Global

Corey Mahan
Kinross – Bald Mountain Mine

LaMar Martin
Aggregate Industries

Gordon Maxwell
Formation Capital Corporation

Tammie Neff
Barrick Nevada

Sara Nichols
Newmont Mining Corporation


Shane Owen
Newmont Mining Corporation

John Pereza
MSHA – Western District

Joseph Riney
Nevada Mining Association

Mark Rock
CalPortland Company

Cecil Slattery
Safety Training and Consulting, LLC

Samsara Sorrells
MSHA – Rocky Mountain District

David Weaver
Rocky Mountain District Manager

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Rick Welsh
Ash Grove Cement Company

Steve Minshall
Ash Grove Cement Company


Randy Squires
Newmont Mining Corporation