Pre-Conference Workshop

Industrial Hygiene Workshop
In the mining industry employees may be exposed to airborne particulates at various levels of risk. In order to determine the exposure potential, the amount of the hazard must be measured.

This 8-hour class will review conducting industrial hygiene sampling for employee particulate exposure from beginning to end.

• Use industrial hygiene equipment to measure employees’ exposure to particulates over a full shift
• Interpret and communicate results to management through written reports
• Use troubleshooting technics such as task sampling to identify the source(s) of exposure

IH equipment will be available in the class allowing participants to practice calibrating, assembling sample trains, etc.


Selling Safety

This course is designed for safety professionals or individuals directly involved with safety management within their organization. This course reviews the classic sales cycle and shows how basic sales techniques can be applied within the safety field to help ‘sell’ ideas, concepts and practices. The course format is highly interactive and involves several role-playing exercises to help improve interpersonal and professional skills, such as; making a good first impression, learning how to be an ‘active-listener’, identifying clients’ needs, effectively presenting your products or services, handling client objections and learning techniques to close the sale. 

Supervisor Responsibilities
Offered by: Mark Savit