Breakout Presentations 2019

The Impact of a High Participation Safety Culture

Instructor: Calvin Benchimol


safety culture

Managing the Minefield of Marijuana in the Workplace

Instructor: Donna Pryor and Mark Savit



Evaluating Competency and Risk Through Synthetic Learning Environments

Instructors: Leonard Brown, Rustin Reed, Karen Noiva



EMCIS MSHA Training: Fun, Not Funny

Instructors: Kirk McDaniel, Jerry Powers


not funny

Training Records: How to Ensure Accurate Training Documentation

Instructor: Diane M. Watson


training records

Safe Working Platforms for Specialty Equipment

Instructor: Richard Marshall



MSHA Enforcement of Structural Integrity Issues

Instructor: Bill Doran



Drug Impairment Training for Workplace Professionals

Instructors: Linda Honey and Nicole Nance


drug impairment

When to Contest: Defining Your Relationship with MSHA

Instructor: Christopher Peterson


relationships with msah

Examinations of Working Places in Metal and Nonmetal Mines

Instructor: Pete DelDuca


msha exam

Empowering Your Frontline Workforce

Instructor: Calvin Benchimol



MSHA Abatement- What Does This Mean for Operators?

Instructor: Jason Nutsman



Help Raise the Bar in Mine Safety and Health

Instructor: Micheal Wegleitner


raise bar

Advancing the State of H&S Big Data in the Mining Industry

Instructors: Emily Haas and Jon Wickizer


big data

Workplace Examination Enforcement: What's the Reality on the Ground?

Instructor: Margo Lopez


on the ground

Incident Command & Public Relations Surrounding a Large Scale Event

Instructors: Rich Maier, Miguel Segovia, & Wayne Smith


large scale

Sleep: The Most Important Component of Safe Behavior

Instructors: Michelle Reiher/Korky Vault



StateFire: Fire Prevention & Protection

Instructors: Tony Morfin



Fatal Risk Management 

Instructor: Craig Ross


fatal risk

Measuring the Effects of Active Learning on Health and Safety Training

Instructor: Laurie Wilson



Mining Hearing Conservation Programs: What is the Status and How can We do Better?

Instructor: Amanda Azman



Trip & Fall Hazard ID, Investigation, & Remediation at Surface Mining Facilities

Instructors: Patrick Dempsey and Mahiyar Nasarwanji



MSHA Hot Topics- Update on MSHA News and Recent Commission Cases

Instructor: Jason Nutzman


hot topic

Safety in Exploration Drilling Through the Years

Instructors: Tony Moore and Dennis Moye


safety in drilling

Reasonable Suspicion: Signs & Symptoms

Instructors: Linda Honey and Nicole Nance


timely testing

Zero Fatalities

Instructor: Andrew Bennett


zero fatalities