Newmont’s Contractor Safety Summit








October 23rd, 2018


9:45 am - 10:45 am 


Carson 2


Joe Mallea

Company: Newmont Mining Corp 

Title: HSS Regional Contractor Management Senior Rep. 


Joe Mallea is the Regional HSS Contractor Management Senior Representative for Newmont North America. Joe started his career with Newmont in 2012 as an underground communications technician after returning from a combat deployment in Iraq with the Idaho Army National Guard.  A few years into his career, Joe was nominated as the Portal Mines Vital Behaviors Coordinator that lead into a full time Health and Safety representative position for the Carlin Portal Mines.  Joe accepted his current position in June of 2016 and organized the past three Newmont Contractor Safety Summits.  His favorite part of the summit is to bring everyone together and share ideas to progress everyone along in the Safety Journey.  

Marie Sandoval

Company: SMD 

Title: Safety Manager 


I started my mining career in 2007 as an Administrative Assistant in the Exploration department at Barrick Cortez.  I eventually worked my way into a safety position and joined the Surface Mine Rescue Team.  When a position opened to become a Surface Mine Rescue Coordinator I applied and received the job.  The next few years were spent developing the mine rescue program and building a team.  I cross trained with the Underground Mine Rescue Coordinator and when he resigned I moved into his position and continued along my career path in the mine rescue/safety department. I was promoted to Senior Emergency Response Coordinator in 2013 where I was overseeing both the UG and Surface ERT program.  In 2015 I was given an opportunity to join the Small Mine Development team as a Corporate Safety Manger and I have been working with them ever since.  Along the way I managed to graduate from college with a Masters of Occupational Safety and Health degree and now enjoy some much needed free time with my seven grandchildren.  

Jon Wickizer

Company: Acknowlogy 

Title: CTO/Safety Director 


Jon has 20+ years of health, safety and environmental experience in the heavy construction industry with underground utilities, chemical plants, refineries, soda ash mines, cement plants, surface mines, underground mines, pits and power plants. For the past twenty years Jon has been actively involved with training and safety programs on multiple construction and mine sites. He has worked on numerous manufacturing projects in the heavy construction industry as a Corporate Safety Manager and was responsible for contractor/owner relationships, project safety management, safety implementation, safety audits and safety training of craft personnel. He has an unmatched passion for safety and health improvement which has led him to his most recent endeavors. The creation of a technology platform that allows employers, employees, customers, and regulators to work in synergy with one another in safety and health.  Creating this positive relationship, with real time leading indicator data collection, enhances the pursuit of a work environment free of hazards and a work experience of continual improvement.  

Joe Mallea
Marie Sandoval (002)
Jon Wickizer