Fatal Risk Management








October 23rd, 2019


10:30 am - 11:30 am 


Nevada 7


Company: Ross S&H Consulting

Title: Mine Safety Consultant

Member of ICMM working group who provided oversight and support for the development of Critical Control Management Implementation Guide published by ICMM in 2015.

33 years mining experience of which 27 years a leader in the safety and health risk management. 

7 years as Vice President of Safety & Health for Barrick Gold.  

-Received the Highest Degree of Safety – International Award in 2010 from the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals. This award is presented annually to the safety professional who has contributed significantly to the reduction of injury and illness in the international community. 

craig ross


There are 5 primary components of risk management.  Fatal risk management requires identification of critical controls and their performance requirements.  Monitoring critical control performance and taking appropriate action is necessary to ensure effectiveness of critical controls.  This presentation will explain how to accomplish fatal risk management to meet these desired objectives.