Fire Prevention/Fire Protection








October 23rd, 2019


1:30 pm - 2:30 pm 


Nevada 10


CompanyStateFire Sales and Service

TitleOperations Manager - Elko

Tony Morfin began working in the mining industry at 18 years old. He has worked in a wide range of divisions including underground, lab, mill, open pit and blasting. He operated large equipment in the open pit including haul trucks, excavators and shovels.  Tony became familiar with fire suppression systems while operating equipment at Nevada Gold Mines Cortez site.  In 2013, he made a career change and joined StateFire Sales and Service as a technician working on the fire suppression systems he counted on as a miner.  Tony worked his way up in the Mining department and has held the role of Technician, Supervisor, Manager and now Operations Manager for the Elko office. During his time at StateFire Sales and Service, Tony has provided training each year to mine sites on how to operate fire extinguishers and suppression systems.  Outside of work, Tony is married with three daughters. He enjoys hunting, camping and fishing in his spare time.

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I will be covering the importance of fire protection and prevention not only on the job site but at home as well. I would like to cover the MSHA initiative on Fire Suppression on mobile equipment and what customers can do to help better train their employees on proper inspections on these systems. I would also like to give a presentation on proper use and inspections on fire extinguishers.