Incident Command & The Importance of PR in Regards to Large Scale Incidents








October 23rd, 2019


9:15 am - 10:15 am 


Nevada 8


CompanySmall Mine Development

TitleMine Rescue Superintendent


I have been on a Mine Rescue team for twenty years; in the capacity of a member and as a Captain.  I was recently promoted to the Mine Rescue Superintendent position for Small Mine Development where I now share my knowledge and experience with those on the team.  I have extensive training in ICC, fire, hazmat and rope rescue.  I help facilitate and teach CPR and EMR classes for SMD and in the community.   I have spent most of my years in mining working as a mechanic and have enjoyed learning new trades as I have advanced in my career.  

CompanyNevada Gold Mines 

TitleChief of Emergency Response 

Rich Maier is the Chief of Emergency Response at Nevada Goldmines Cortez Property; Rich has 15 years of Emergency response experience as both a public volunteer and at mines both surface and underground. Rich started his career in the open pit operations field and moved to a full-time paid position with emergency response in 2014 so he could follow his passion of rescue. Rich currently holds a multitude of certifications in many aspects of rescue and is certified to teach EMS, HAZMAT, and High angle rope rescue.

CompanyNevada Gold Mines 

TitleChief of Emergency Response 

Miguel Segovia is going on 10 years of mining experience 9 of which on the Emergency Response Team. Miguel started his career off working at Cortez where he was a mechanic in the Open Pit and a Lieutenant on the ERT Team. Three years ago, he took on the role of Chief of Emergency Response for Goldstrike. He is an EMS and CPR instructor as well as a Rope rescue instructor. On his off time he is a volunteer fire fighter for the City of Elko.  

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