Keynote Speaker Ricky Rollins








October 23rd, 2019


8:00 am - 9:00 am 


Silver State Pavilion


CompanyRicky Rollins Safety Speeches

Title: President



ricky rollins


I ask the audience to take something away from the stories they will hear and use it in their lives in some way.  Then I tell them if they will do that then we can achieve the goal of “Make A Difference In A Child’s life”.  I will use the analogy of life is “Russian Roulette”, are you going to put bullets in the gun or take them out thru out the presentation.  We all have choices of what we do with the bullets.  And sometimes the bullets you put in the gun may affect someone else is one of the stories lessons.  I almost died in a workplace accident 23 years ago and tell the story of how that would have affected my family.  I also will tell 4 more stories from the perspective of friend, father, husband, nephew, coworker, supervisor, and department manager of the things that have affected my circle.  Some good things and some not so good.  But in each story is a message with a lesson in it for each of us.  With 5 stories in my presentation they give it a good chance of making an impact on each and every person in the audience. We never know which story is going to impact which person in the audience.  I close by asking for the audience to remember the last recordable, lost time accidents and if they have ever been working for a facility that had a fatality.  They will raise their hands to these questions as they remember those days.  I then ask them how much product they produced or remember something of importance in their lives from last Tuesday. No one will raise their hands.  I then change the screen to a picture of the 3 men in the stories under a banner that reads, “We Will Never Remember How Many Tons We Make Today.  What We Will Remember Is the Day That Someone Gets Seriously Injured…. That Will Be The Day We Will Remember For The Rest Of Our Lives”.