Making Safety Personal: Resources for Training Curriculum Design & Assessment








October 23rd, 2019


10:30 am - 11:30 am 


Nevada TBA


Company: University of Arizona

Title: Research Specialist, Training Coordinator

Laurie Wilson is a researcher at the University of Arizona's Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources. She has over 10 years of experience in designing and evaluating safety training for the mining industry. Her work centers on creating instructional design programs and new active learning modules for New Miner and Annual Refresher training. She has also developed a competency-based program called Student Interactive Mining (SIM), which offers practical mining experience and workplace safety practicum to engineering students at the University's San Xavier Mining Laboratory. Laurie holds a Masters degree in Instructional Technology and a BS in Education.

Company: University of Arizona

Title: Research Scientist 

Leonard D. Brown is a scientist at the University of Arizona's Lowell Institute for Mineral Resources. He has nearly two decades of experience designing and evaluating human computer interfaces and has published more than a dozen papers on these topics. For the past ten years, Brown's research team at the Lowell Institute has created new technologies for training and competency assessment in hazards recognition, situational awareness, and emergency response. He previously worked in the gaming industry, for companies including Sony Corp., and is co-founder and chief scientist for Desert Saber, L.L.C., a Tucson-based safety technology startup. Brown holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

laurie wilson


Institutional knowledge, particularly of safe work practices, is not necessarily captured in corporate safety systems – a problem worsened by a missing generation of middle managers and the retirement of senior personnel. In this talk, we discuss an instructional design process to better capture and convey institutional knowledge through training. We couple learning strategies which appeal to a new generation of workers with organizationally motivated assessments that are predicated upon outcomes for each learner.  In this talk, we will survey a toolbox of active learning resources and evaluation metrics for curriculum development, discussing deployment and validation with industry partners. Example learning objectives, activities, and instruments will be provided, including our customizable card game for hazards recognition, “A Very Good Day,” and a recent expansion pack for sand and gravel operations.