With A Little Help From My Friends: Managing the Minefield of Marijuana in the Workplace








October 22nd, 2019


9:45 am - 10:45 am 


Nevada 7


Company: Partner 

Title: Husch Blackwell

Donna Pryor, a member of Husch Blackwell’s Energy & Natural Resources group, focuses on commercial and administrative litigation related to mine safety and occupational safety and health (MSHA/OSHA). She also assists clients in crisis management and strategic communications related to workplace health and safety issues.  Donna has extensive experience in the production of precious metals, aggregates, cement, industrial minerals, coal, salt, potash, phosphate, granite, limestone, and oil and gas. Donna’s clients include privately and publicly held corporations, large multinational companies and individuals. 

Company: Of Counsel 

Title: Husch Blackwell

A member of Husch Blackwell’s Energy & Natural Resources group, Mark Savit counsels clients in government investigations and regulatory matters and litigates improper enforcement actions and whistleblower cases. He has extensive experience in mining and oil and gas; health, safety and environmental law; industrial disaster response; and regulatory and legislative services. Mark began his career at the U.S. Department of the Interior, where he headed the special investigation unit of the Mining Enforcement and Safety Administration.

donna pryor
mark savit


When medical marijuana first started to become legal, mine operators responded in a similar way. Most mines continue to have a zero tolerance policy for both applicants and current employees. Medical marijuana is now legal in 32 states and in the District of Columbia. Although marijuana remains illegal under Federal law, state laws and recent court decisions are becoming challenging for employers. In fact, many state medical marijuana laws contain anti-discrimination provisions that provide job protections for medical marijuana users. Companies may now need to reexamine their policies, as there are now pro-worker court decisions in many states that provide legal protections to employees that test positive for marijuana and have a medical marijuana card or prescription. Learn how to maintain a safe work place and remain compliant with state laws.