Risk Management for Mining Mobile Equipment








October 23rd, 2018


11:00 am - 12:00 pm 


Carson 2


Craig Ross

Company: Ross S&H Consulting 


33 years mining experience of which 27 years a leader in the safety and health risk management. 7 years as Vice President of Safety & Health for Barrick Gold.  Responsibilities included management of Global, Regional and Mine Site safety, health and risk management systems and governance. Successful in the implementation of safety professional leadership and development, risk assessment (including Enterprise Risk Management), management of change, industrial hygiene, accident investigation, training, crisis management / emergency response, formal and informal performance measurement and governance, technology research, procedure development and professional development of safety and security staff. 

- Recognized as Safety Professional of the year award in 1995 from the Nevada State Council for the Holmes Safety Association. 

-Received the Highest Degree of Safety – International Award in 2010 from the International Society of Mine Safety Professionals. This award is presented annually to the safety professional who has contributed significantly to the reduction of injury and illness in the international community. 

craig ross


There are 3 primary causal factors related to mining equipment collisions.
1) lack of visibility for operators (situational awareness),
2) Distracted driving and
3) Fatigue. 
All mining operations have Traffic Management Plans and Fatigue Management Plans.  The question is how do ensure our TMPs and FMPs are effective and how do we measure to improve performance.  The solution to address these 3 causal factors and manage risk is based on two critical factors that will be presented.
1) providing a solution that will provide timely intervention to prevent an unrecoverable error and
2) Access to real time data to enable correction of the underlying root causes associated with these
3) primary causal factors.