Workplace Exam Rule Compliance








October 23rd, 2018


11:00 am - 12:00 pm 


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John Pereza

Company: Mine Safety & Health Administration 

Title: Assistant District Manager 


John received his degree in Mine Safety from Marshall University and has served in a variety of capacities within MSHA including time as an electrical inspector and accident investigator. He has been involved in regulatory, training and policy development for MSHA. John served for many years as the Conference and Litigation Representative for the Western District prior to taking on his current position as MSHA’s Assistant District Manager for Administrative and Technical Services. John is a current SME member, a former ISMSP member and is a past member of the National Association of Electrical Inspectors. Prior to coming to work for MSHA John worked in the mining industry in Arizona for 18 years and has a variety of mining experience including underground and open pit mining, milling operations, in-situ and solvent extraction processes and performing safety audits.  

John pereza


MSHA’s New Workplace Examination Rule. How new is it?

There’s a lot of hype surrounding MSHA’s new workplace exam rule. This session is designed to separate the fact from fiction and answer your questions regarding what changes the rule actually incorporates.