Your Brain on Stress and Fatigue








October 23rd, 2018


9:45 am - 10:45 am 


Carson 4


Michelle Reiher

Company: Colorado School Mines EMCIS Program 

Title: Health and Safety Program Manager 


Michelle Reiher is a certified industrial hygienist and certified safety professional with over 19 years of safety and health experience in general industry and mining.  She holds the MSHA IS, IU and IN certifications and has develop and conducted safety and health training within the MSHA Part 48 New Miner, Annual Refresher and Instructor Training courses.  She has a passion for health and safety training and believes everyone should be given the knowledge to make choices that will keep them safe.

Korky Vault

Company: Colorado School Mines EMCIS Program 

Title: Part 48 Instructor 


Korky Vault has more than 25 years of health and safety training experience in both the environmental laboratory and mining industries.  She holds the MSHA IS, IU and IN certifications and has developed and conducted training for MSHA Part 48 courses and OSHA courses on Fall Protection, Confined Space Entry and Hazard Communication.  In addition to believing that proper training will help prevent injuries and fatalities, she has a passion for understanding how our individual brain make-up can impact our daily lives, including safety in the workplace.



Impacts of stress and fatigue on decision making.

Fatigue and stress are so common in today’s society that they are not viewed as a problem.  Everyone experiences fatigue. Everyone has stress.  But, can your brain fight against these stressors to keep you safe?  In this presentation you will gain a basic understanding of your brain function, understand the effect of stressors on your ability to process information in order to make sound decisions, and learn practical strategies that will counteract known stressors and improve brain function.